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Best Vintage Turntable Brands For 2024

Brandon Forder
  Feb 27, 2024 12:55 AM

Looking for an best vintage turntable brands but can't find one? Because we've been through the entire best vintage turntable brands research process ourselves, we've put together a complete list of the best vintage turntable brands now on the market.

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Whether you're looking for a new record player for your home or a gift for a friend, there are many good vintage turntable brands to choose from. However, which one is the best?

Linn Sondek LP12

Designed by Ivor Tiefenbrun, a Glasgow-based designer, Linn Sondek LP12 was the company's first turntable. It was a belt-driven turntable, similar to models produced by Acoustic Research and Ariston in the early 1960s. Its patented single-point bearing eliminates noise and optimises information retrieval.

Throughout the years, Linn has refined its Sondek design. Its phono stage, Urika, and power supply, Radikal, are now incorporated into the turntable's chassis. A new DC motor with a low-magnetic field allows for more accurate speed control. It also features Linn's proprietary digital Exakt technology.

The LP12 is available in various configurations. There are high-end versions that feature separate power supplies, upgraded sub-chassis and high-spec tonearms. There are also accessories available.

Linn Sondek LP12 is a turntable that has been refined over the years to extract more information from vinyl records. Its modular design allows owners to customize their turntable. It also comes in three complete Linn sound versions.

The Linn Sondek LP12 has been manufactured by Linn Products, a Scottish company, since 1972. The company has been improving the design of its LP12 turntable for over five decades.

Linn Sondek LP12 features a solid wood plinth, high-mass platter, suspended sub-chassis, and Linn's patented low-noise, single-point bearing. Linn also provides several power supply options. It is available with the company's own tonearms and cartridges.

In addition to the standard Sondek LP12, Linn has developed a special edition turntable to celebrate the 33 1/3rpm anniversary of the original LP12. It is available in black, silver, and gold, and features a 3.75kg platter and stable arm platform.


Whether you're a beginner or an audiophile, you can find the perfect record player from Audio-Technica. These high-quality turntables are built to last, and offer excellent sound quality.

Audio-Technica turntables have a great reputation, and you can easily find them online and in stores. They've been making quality music systems for decades. They're available in belt-drive and direct-drive styles.

Audio Technica has a lot to offer, from a record player to a phono preamp. If you're a beginner, you should go for an automated model. This will help you avoid damaging your vinyl. However, you should also choose a turntable that's made of quality materials.

Audio-Technica also produces a high-end model, the AT-LP120XUSB. This model is made for DJs, and features an in-built preamp that allows for conversion of vinyl to digital audio files. It's also compatible with third-party apps, and has three speed options. It has a belt-drive system, so it will help absorb vibrations.

If you're looking for a turntable for a budget, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT is a good choice. It's a belt-drive model that uses an automatic tonearm and an auto-stop feature. It also has a USB port, and can be connected to a computer.

The AT-LP120XUSB features an anti-skate mechanism, and you can choose to play your vinyl at 33, 45, or 78 rpm. You can connect it to an external stereo system, and it has a USB port for converting vinyl to digital files. It's also Bluetooth 5.2 compatible.


Whether you're an audiophile or just a music lover, there's a vintage turntable for you. The key is to make sure it's in good condition and is well-maintained. In addition to the aesthetic, a good turntable also gives you a great vinyl listening experience.

As far as vintage turntables go, there are a number of brands to choose from. Japanese manufacturers such as Denon and Linn have some vintage models that are worthy of note.

The most popular vintage turntable brand is Rega. This UK-based manufacturer has been making turntables for over four decades. They are known for their high-quality components, as well as their modern design. They also manufacture other audio media pieces.

The Rega Planar is the company's most popular model. It features a 24V synchronous low-noise motor. It also comes with a factory-fitted carbon cartridge. The planar also features a built-in phono preamp. It's a great workhorse for the money.

The Rega RP1 is a great example of a true plug and play turntable. It also has one of the best tonearms on the market. However, it's not the cheapest turntable on the market.

The RP1 has a gimmick: the new tonearm is lighter than the old P1 model. It also draws a darker background from the vinyl grooves.

The RP1 has some other noteworthy features. It's got a low-vibration motor, a new tonearm, and a low cost interconnection wire.

Stanton Electronics

Among the many great vintage turntable brands, Stanton is one that comes with high end essentials. The company also makes CDJs, headphones, wireless systems, and high performance microphones.

The Beogram 1202 is a two speed belt drive turntable with a nice dust cover. It is similar to the early 70s Beogram 3000. Its biggest pro is that it can play the best record player for the money.

It is a well made, all-metal turntable with a quartz controlled layout. It also has an adjustable, high-quality tonearm. It also has a key lock and separate start and brake adjustments.

It is a good turntable, but it isn't the best one. If you want the best vintage turntable around, you might want to look elsewhere. The Reloop RP-8000 is a nice if pricey, innovative turntable that pushes the envelope of turntable technology. It is only two years old, but it lands a solid 9.5 out of 10.

The Stanton T.92 is a high-end turntable that's USB capable. It has an integrated AM/FM radio and CD player. It also has USB and S/PDIF outputs. It is a great way to convert your vinyl library into a digital format. The USB output is particularly useful because it allows you to play your tunes on a computer.

If you want a turntable that's not a total waste of money, you may want to consider the Stanton ST-150. It's one of the most popular turntables for DJs and Scratch DJ Academy. It has a solid tonearm and is the perfect size for a narrow room. It also has a nice embroidered cover that's big enough to cover most units. It also comes with a cool looking slip mat and a high-end cartridge.

LoopTone Vinyl Record Player

Whether you're looking to play your favorite vinyl tunes or convert them to digital files, the LoopTone 9-in-1 record player will make it happen. With an integrated CD player, cassette player, AM/FM radio, and USB/SD playback encoding capabilities, it's sure to satisfy all your needs.

The 9-in-1 record player has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port. If you're looking for wireless music streaming, Bluetooth capability is also built-in.

Another nifty feature of the 9-in-1 is the ability to search radio channels automatically. It will also skip tracks if the recording isn't smooth.

The old-style vinyl record player is an ideal gift for a number of occasions. It's perfect for family reunions, banquets, and weddings. Its retro design will impress anyone. The player is made from vintage wood and features a collapsible lid.

The LoopTone 9-in-1 also has a USB/SD record and play feature, so you can store your digital files on memory cards. This is a good feature, but it's not something you'll need for every single time you play your vinyl records.

The Crosley CR 6233D record player offers an integrated preamp and a pre-mounted tonearm. It also has an adjustable pitch control and full-range speakers.

The old-style vinyl record player makes a good gift for anyone with a love of vinyl. It's a well-built piece of kit and the sound quality is quite good. It also comes with an AM/FM radio, CD player, 3.5mm aux-in, and RCA line-out.

House of Marley Stir It Up

Founded by Bob Marley's son Rohan, House of Marley is known for producing audio components with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Rohan has spent the past five years creating sustainable audio gear for the House of Marley brand.

Several years ago, House of Marley released the Stir It Up turntable. The Stir It Up has a modern design that combines the cool of the 80s with the modernity of today. It's available in a variety of colors and finishes. Whether you want a wired or wireless model, House of Marley has a model to fit your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of the House of Marley Stir It Up turntable is that it's made from recyclable materials. The aluminum platter, wood top, and bamboo plinth are made from recyclable materials, and the platter mat is made from REGRIND silicone, which is made from reclaimed manufacturing scraps.

Another feature of the House of Marley Stir It Up is the built-in phono preamp, which allows you to connect it to a receiver. You can also connect it to your computer using the USB port. In addition, it has Bluetooth, which is available on its USB port and can be used to connect it to wireless speakers.

The House of Marley Stir It Up turntable can also be used for digital audio recording. You can connect your computer to the USB port of the turntable and record the tracks from your records. It can then be saved as digital audio files that can be played on a PC or smart device.

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