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Best Slide Scanners For Artwork Of 2023

Brandon Forder
  Dec 7, 2023 5:28 PM

An art scanner is just one piece of technical equipment that may become essential to an artist's career. No matter if you're new to scanners or just in the market for an upgrade, it can be challenging to evaluate all the available alternatives and choose on one. In order to help you make an educated decision, we have developed a list of the top 6 art scanners currently available.

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Scan Speed 

You should be cautious about the scanning speed if you intend to scan several photographs and documents. How many pages can be scanned in one minute is one way to measure a scanner's speed.

Standard document scanning software can process 30 pages per minute. Scaning higher-resolution artwork, though, can cause this to change. In order to get good results while scanning classic works of art, you need to focus on areas with rich color detail and three-dimensional depth. They might slow the machine down, but that's fine. After all, you should only ever use the highest-quality versions of the source images.

In light of the sheer volume of paperwork that will need to be scanned, keep in mind that professional scanners require a scanning speed of 30 pages or more. On the other hand, if you need a scanner for home use, a slower speed will suffice.

Scan Resolution 

The best scanners will never reduce the image quality. In order to fully appreciate the depth of color, texture, tones, and shading, painters require a high resolution.

The optimal resolution for a scan is around 600 dpi, meaning the image will be rather crisp and detailed. Depending on the document being printed, this may be the highest resolution that is unnecessary. In contrast, the scan resolution is crucial for artists because it determines the final image quality.

Bit depth

There is a correlation between this and the accuracy of scanned colors. Thus, a sufficient bit-depth should be used if a faithful reproduction is required. For home use, 24-bit is more than adequate. 30-bit is the standard for serious work. For the best results, choose 30-bit color and 12-bit greyscale.


The greatest art scanners will always have a cable for linking the gadget to a computer. In order to scan and save artwork, you'll need this feature. Options that link to a computer through a USB cable are now available. It is the most popular and is included on many scanners.

However, a high-quality flatbed scanner may include wireless connection options as well. Assuming this is the case, the gadget will communicate with the PC via Bluetooth. But keep in mind that wireless ones can be pricey, and you might not want to spend a lot of money on them.

Batch Scanning

Choose a device that allows batch scanning if you intend to use it to convert and scan many film or negative packs. Taking this approach will reduce the time and energy needed to complete the task.


You need a scanner that can store a lot of data and still works reasonably well. SD cards are commonly included in scanners to make up for their limited internal storage. In some designs, you can even purchase extra memory.


How do I get a high quality scan for art?

The first and important feature that you’ll need to examine is the resolution (dpi) of your scanner. Pay close attention to the specifications while shopping for a scanner, as that is where you will find details such as the scanner's resolution. To ensure that dust and faded colors do not make it into the digital copy, it is also recommended that artwork be kept in pristine shape.

What kind of scanner do comic artists use?

You need a scanner that can produce both high-quality photos and text if you wish to scan comic art. It's possible that portability is more crucial than physical size if you're working with smaller-scale sketches to create these comics. In that situation, portable comic book creators may find the Fujitsu S1300i to be an ideal solution.

Can you scan a canvas painting?

A canvas painting can be scanned, but the size, texture, and presence of a frame are all factors to think about. If your painting is larger than A3, your best bet for digitizing it is a high-quality photography setup, as scanning options for artworks of that size are extremely limited. Also, oil paintings and other works with a lot of texture won't scan well. We found the best results when scanning small stretched canvases by placing them directly onto the scanning screen, which is possible with scanners that have a detachable cover, such the Epson Perfect V39 on our recommended list.

Are Art Scanners Portable ? 

There are lightweight, tiny scanners available for portability. These are typically more compact, but their telescoping arm means they can print anything from business cards to posters.

However, some scanners, notably big format scanners, are somewhat cumbersome. This is not meant to be relocated regularly.

What Is The Ideal Bit Depth ? 

When we talk about "bit depth," we're referring to the number of bits used to represent a single color in a pixel. A deeper scan would provide additional information for analysis. Furthermore, less colors means less detail.

As of right now, 32 bits is preferable, but 16 bits is acceptable. Scanning artwork, however, calls for a more robust bit depth.


Artists often second-guess themselves when making a big purchase like a scanner because of the high stakes involved and high cost. A scanner is an intimate piece of technology that bears the weight of portraying your stunning artwork, therefore it is fitting that you give some care to its design.

However, not all scanners are created equal, so it's crucial to think about how often you'll be using it and how much money you have before making a purchase. For instance, a student probably shouldn't spend over a thousand dollars on a high-end office scanner they won't use very often. We hope that our list of the top artwork scanners will be useful to you no matter what your budget is.

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