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Best Scanners For Scanning Bills And Receipts For 2024

Gretchen Rubin
  Feb 27, 2024 1:24 AM

Expense reporting becomes a breeze with the help of a receipt scanner. In order to manage a small business's finances or complete your tax returns, it is essential to track every penny. It's easy to misplace your receipts for purchases made in a sea of paperwork. The integrity of paper records is vulnerable to environmental and mechanical factors.


A receipt scanner is an ideal tool for converting paper documents and receipts into digital information, which helps alleviate these issues. The internet capabilities that come with some receipt scanners make it easy to organize your receipts and access them from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Are you prepared to go out and get a receipt scanner? It's time to get going!

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Buying Guide


An on-the-go receipt scanner could be useful for managing workers' and contractors' expense reports and associated receipts. This might be some kind of digital program or a portable scanner that operates on its own.

A scanner's portability is also affected by its physical dimensions. Try to get something that won't weigh you down too much and is small enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack.

Online Accessibility

Having an online receipt scanner is just as useful as a portable one. More accounting software can be integrated into your workflow, saving you time. Additionally, you may get your receipts whenever you need them, from wherever you are.

Storage Capacity

It's important to think about the constraints of your receipt scanner, whether you plan to save your data on a local machine or in the cloud. How often, if at all, do you plan on scanning your receipts every day? Do you want to keep it solely for tax time or celebrate other occasions with it as well? This will give you an idea of how much space you'll need on your receipt scanning program or external hard drive.


The safety of your chosen storage facility should not be overlooked. Verify that your stored receipts and documents have more than one level of security. Documents and receipts written on paper can be lost or stolen, but digital files can be compromised if adequate safeguards aren't in place.


It's safe to say that scanning receipts for expense reports is no one's idea of a good time. People normally want to accomplish this chore as quickly as possible, and a lightning-fast receipt scanner can help with that. In as little as 7.5 seconds, some scanners can capture a high-quality image of your papers. When scanning multiple receipts at once, this is a helpful feature.


Resolution is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about an optical instrument. Numerous individual dots, or pixels, come together to form an image. The entire count of pixels that are placed both vertically and horizontally is referred as Resolution

In general, 600 dots per inch (dpi) is the sweet spot for document and receipt scanning with most commercially available scanners.

File Backup

Some devices support external storage via MicroSD card or USB flash drive. These storages allow scans to be stored locally and then uploaded to a computer.

Virtually all modern gadgets include a MicroUSB port for easy file transfer to a personal computer. Some models, however, have built-in Wi-Fi for wireless data transmission. Choose the one as per your


Most low-cost solutions need unpleasant manual feeding. The user must insert individual sheets. Documents can be fed automatically into some devices thanks to a technology called Automatic Feeder Technology. The standard feeding capacity of most scanners is 50 sheets, making them suitable for most document scanning tasks.

Operating System and Software Features

Scanners with universal compatibility or simple setup procedures are preferred. Using pre-made software packages shouldn't be too much of a hassle for you.

These days, most scanners may be used within minutes after installing the necessary software.

Versatile Tool

Touch screen, automatic colorization, character identification, scanning from either side, pages scanned per minute, blank page removal, color, resolution, editing tools, destination route, internet, or Wi-Fi connectivity are all characteristics that should be present on your device.

Additional Features

The addition of even a few extra features can cause you to second-guess your purchase. To make a decision, you have to dig deeper. The resolution of a scanned image is directly related to its dots per inch (DpI) resolution.

PPM is another consideration (ppm). It's as important as the rate at which pages are scanned every minute. This provides a high-quality, quick document scanner for your business.

After then, there is yet another major distinction between a flatbed scanner and a sheet-fed scanner. In comparison to a flatbed scanner, a sheet-fed scanner will produce scans of lower quality.


How does a receipt scanner save the images you scan?

Scanners for receipts and other paper documents convert them into digital information that can be retrieved in various ways. The files could be sent wirelessly or via a USB cable, uploaded to a cloud storage service, or saved to a memory card.

Is it better to just scan documents using your phone or tablet?

Apps for mobile devices make it possible to perform a scan by snapping a picture, but this is a time-consuming manual operation. That's the case in particular if your receipts are lengthy. Simply insert the papers (or stacks of documents) into the scanner and let it do the scanning for you.

What is the best app for scanning receipts?

To scan your receipts, you don't necessarily need a high-tech device; apps are available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. One example is Expensify.

Apart from scanning and preserving your receipts, this helpful smartphone application can track your expenses and offer numerous information related to them.

How can I scan receipts quickly?

Numerous receipt scanners and organizers can be purchased online or in stores. A receipt scanner is a handy piece of technology that scans your receipt, transcribes the essential information, and stores the data for later use.


Keep in mind the six suggestions we went over at the beginning of this essay if you happen to be browsing receipt scanners while standing in the printer and scanner aisle at Best Buy. It's likely that a receipt scanner won't be the cheapest office appliance you buy, but I hope our buying guide helps ease the pressure.

A receipt scanner doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles on the market, but you should be sure it has the capabilities you need at a price you're ready to pay to keep your desk and filing cabinets clear and in order.

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