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Best Scanners For Receipts And Digital Filing : Review And Buying Guide

Brandon Forder
  Feb 26, 2024 11:50 PM

The best scanners for digital filing and scanning receipts are able to accommodate documents that are larger than the typical letter or legal size. They also allow you to scan to many locations like dedicated file folders, email, fax, cloud storage, and USB memory storage.

Still, there is a great deal of variation available, from portable devices ideal for professionals on the go to desktop replacements with a suite of software enhancements for images and text.

Here are some of the best scanners for digital filing and scanning receipts for your business.

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Buying Guide


Do you need something that can be taken with you or something that will sit on your desk? How big are the documents you intend to scan? Weight is an issue to consider if you plan on transporting your choice.


The faster the scanner, the higher the price will be. Consider how crucial this is to you. It may not be a huge concern if you simply submit the occasional receipt or contract to have to wait a little longer. However, the ppm should be carefully considered while choosing a model for everyday digital scanning.


Resolution is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we consider an optical tool. Every image is formed by a vast number of small dots called pixels. Resolution is the sum of the horizontal and vertical pixel counts.


The standard optical resolution of most scanners on the market is 600 dpi, which is suitable for most document and receipt scanning.


In order to save time while scanning multiple-page documents, it's important to know how many sheets can fit into the auto-feeder at once.


MicroUSB functionality for PC connection is built into nearly all devices. If you only have one gadget, this is a good option for you. A scanner with Wi-Fi connectivity is a good choice if you intend to use it with numerous other gadgets.

File Backup

There is a replaceable USB drive or MicroSD card slot on some versions. These storages allow scans to be saved straight to them and then transferred to a computer.


MicroUSB ports are now standard on most devices, allowing for instantaneous file synchronization with a computer. Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows for cordless data transfer, is included in some versions. You can pick the one that best fits you.


Think about what features, such as duplex scanning, touchscreens, and software that is compatible with other applications you use, will expedite your workflow and make you better organized, and then decide if it's worth spending a little extra money on those capabilities.

Easy to review and modify

The software needs to offer more than just scanning capabilities, though; it should also have a dashboard, analytical tools, and search functionalities for fast inspection, tracking, and editing of information. Additionally, there needs to be a system of classification and labeling for the data.


It is possible to use your smartphone's camera as a receipt scanner with certain accounting and expenditure monitoring apps. Still, if a third-party scanner offers greater features for a higher price, go ahead and use it.

Document management system

We made sure that standalone receipt scanning software had a document management system that would allow you to sort scanned papers into different folders and assign them keywords so that you could quickly find what you needed.

Accounting software integration

If you want a smoother process, your receipt scanner app should be able to communicate with your accounting program so that data can be transferred and used there. (Please note that since QuickBooks Online and Wave are accounting software, we did not utilize this criterion in evaluating them.)


Why should I organize my Receipts?

If your receipts aren't in order, you can miss out on tax breaks and end up paying more money in the end. Or, if you get audited and don't have access to your secondary accounts, things will grow much worse for you.

Why should I have a Receipt Scanner and Organizer?

To keep your finances in order, you should file your receipts. If you don't, you can miss out on several deductions and end up paying a lot of tax. Or, if you get audited and don't have access to your secondary accounts, you're in deep danger.

However, you can't save your receipts in the physical form because of how easily they deteriorate. As a result, having a receipt scanner on hand that does more than just scan your bills is highly recommended.

How can I scan receipts quickly?

One can choose from a wide variety of receipt scanners and organizers now offered. A receipt scanner is a handy piece of technology that reads your receipt, transcribes the essential information, and stores it in a database for future use.


On the other hand, there are smartphone apps that, with a few adjustments, can accomplish the same thing.

Is it better to just scan documents using your phone or tablet?

Apps for mobile devices make it possible to perform a scan by snapping a picture, but this is a time-consuming manual operation. True especially if your receipts tend to run on for pages and pages. Simply insert the papers (or stacks of documents) into the scanner and let it do the scanning for you.

What’s the difference between a receipt scanner and a regular scanner?

Feeding the paper through a receipt scanner allows the hardware to swiftly capture the image, in contrast to a flatbed scanner or one integrated into a multifunction printer, where the item must be laid down on the glass. In some cases, a flatbed may be preferable to a feeder, such as when transporting a photograph or other fragile material. In contrast, a receipt scanner is the best option for high-volume scanning operations.


It is important to carefully examine your company's workflow and needs before settling on a receipt-scanning app. All of the apps we recommend here are worth checking out.

You should think about how well the program fits your needs, how much it will cost, and how much value it will add to your business before making a final decision. Next, return to this directory in search of the program that meets your needs the most.

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