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Top 12 Best Cheap 60 Percent Keyboard Of 2024

Brandon Forder
  Feb 26, 2024 11:54 PM

Whether you're a professional gamer or just a casual gamer, finding the best cheap 60 percent keyboard can help you get more out of your computer. There are plenty of great keyboards on the market, and you'll be able to find one that fits your needs, fits your budget, and has the features you need.

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Razer Huntsman Mini

Designed with a 60% form factor, the Razer Huntsman Mini is a compact gaming keyboard with optical switches and an adjustable cable. It's a perfect choice for those who want a minimalist setup or need a more compact travel keyboard. Its minimalist design doesn't sacrifice functionality, though. It also features a braided USB-C to USB-A cable, anti-ghosting, and programmable macros.

Its onboard memory lets you store five custom profiles. You can launch them with the press of a menu button. Using the PC app, you can re-arrange keys, set macros, and match Chroma RGB lighting.

The Huntsman Mini also features optical switches, which offer a quieter experience than mechanical switches. The keys are also less weighty, which reduces friction. The switches also offer a clicky typing experience.

The Huntsman Mini is compatible with Cherry MX mechanical switches keycaps. Its keys are textured to resist wear and tear. The keys are also customizable with aftermarket caps. The Huntsman Mini also features anti-ghosting, 1000Hz ultrapolling, and programmable macros.

The Huntsman Mini is available in black, white Mercury, and white. Its case is made of 60% aluminum and ABS plastic. Its 61 keys feature RGB LED backlighting. It also comes with Razer Synapse software, which lets you toggle through 11 pre-made RGB effects. It also has a programmable macro feature and n-key rollover.

The Razer Huntsman Mini is one of the best 60% keyboards on the market today. It's easy to carry around and offers a good gaming experience. Its onboard memory lets you store five different profiles, and it's compatible with Razer's Synapse software.

The Huntsman Mini is a great choice for first-person shooters and other games that require a simple travel keyboard. Its adjustable feet and USB-C cable make it easy to tuck away when not in use.

Corsair K65 RGB Mini

Designed for gamers, the Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60 percent keyboard offers a number of interesting features and functions. It's the first 60% keyboard from Corsair. While it doesn't have the most advanced technology, it does have a nice design.

The K65 RGB Mini comes in a small yellow and black box. It measures 11.6 inches wide, 4.14 inches deep and weighs 1.3 pounds. It also features four rubber stabilizing feet. It is compatible with NKRO with 100% anti-ghosting. It connects to your device via a detachable USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable.

The K65 RGB Mini features per-key RGB backlighting. It can be customized via the CORSAIR iCUE software. You can also save remap profiles to the hardware key assignment section. The iCUE software also allows for macros and text programming. It also supports Windows Key Lock mode.

The K65 RGB Mini also features a layered press. It also comes with a swappable "radiant spacebar" key. The new key is a clever design. It allows you to remap any key on the keyboard.

The K65 RGB Mini features a detachable USB-C to USB-A cable. This makes packing and unpacking the keyboard easier. It also allows you to swap out faulty cables.

The K65 RGB Mini also features an ultra-fast AXON hyper-processing technology. This enables a speedy polling rate of 8,000Hz. This is enough to achieve a 1ms response time. This is impressive enough for pro gamers.

The K65 RGB Mini features NKRO with 100% anti-ghosting. This allows for simultaneous key presses without registration issues. It's also compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS Catalina.

The K65 RGB Mini is a great keyboard. It has a number of interesting features, and its price is affordable.

Kemove ANNE Pro 2

Whether you are an FPS gamer, or just want a nice gaming keyboard for your PC, Kemove ANNE Pro 2 60% mechanical keyboard is a great choice. It offers an affordable price, solid build, and long-lasting battery life.

Whether you are new to gaming or have experience with the industry, the Anne Pro II can be customized for your needs. It comes with a variety of switches, including a Cherry MX red keyboard. It also has a wireless keyboard feature, Bluetooth 4.0, and an auto-sleep function.

The keyboard includes a bright red USB Type-C to Type-A cable. It also comes with a quick start guide and keycap remover. The keys have a nice feel, and the plastic frame is sturdy. It is also easy to change the color of the backlighting, though it may be difficult for some people to configure different RBG colors.

The keys are an inch tall at the lowest point. This can be a bit uncomfortable to start out with, but it will get more comfortable as you use the keyboard. The key caps are made of matte PBT plastic. The switches also have doubleshot shine through them, adding an extra vibrancy.

Kemove ANNE Pro 2 60% keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It has a long-lasting battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and an auto-sleep feature. It also comes with a QuickStart guide, keycap remover, and a bright red USB Type-C to type-A cable.

The keys are easy to type on, and the design is compact. However, the keys do have a little bit of wobble. They are not a problem while typing, but they can be noticeable when using the keyboard for other activities.

Glorious GMMK keyboard

Whether you're a first-time mechanical keyboard owner or you're looking to upgrade from a plastic-and-metal keyboard, Glorious GMMK is a great choice. It's available in three sizes, with a TKL, 60%, and full-size. It's also hot-swappable, which means you can change the keys without having to solder.

While GMMK does have some features that make it better than other keyboards, it also has a few downsides. For one thing, the board has a high latency rate, which means you'll have to pay attention to it while playing a game or working. Also, the software that comes with the keyboard isn't very user-friendly.

The GMMK Pro's controller chip needs to be replaced, which means you'll have to do a little programming to get it to work. It's also rough around the edges, and lacks some of the robust features found on some other brands.

Although GMMK does have some excellent customization options, the software isn't as user-friendly as other brands. It lacks complex RGB patterns, but instead allows you to customize lighting schemes. You can also use macros to record keyboard shortcuts.

While GMMK isn't the best keyboard, it's still a solid choice for the price. Glorious Gaming Keyboards also has a slew of keycap sets in other languages, allowing you to get a keyboard that suits your specific needs.

The GMMK Pro also has a great rotary knob. It has a satisfying click, and you can adjust it to virtually any function. The design also allows you to customize the color of the lighting to your liking. It's also easy to clean. The only thing that could make this keyboard better is if it came in a split-layout design.

ALT mechanical keyboard

ALT mechanical keyboards are an excellent option for people who want a compact keyboard with an affordable price tag. There are several keyboards to choose from, but you'll want to find one with the best quality, a good range of features, and a good design.

The Massdrop ALT mechanical keyboard is an affordable option. It's programmable through QMK, comes with hot-swap switch sockets, and has a full set of arrow keys. The keyboard also features a solid aluminum frame and built-in switch plate.

Massdrop ALT is a good choice if you're looking for a keyboard with a unique style. You can choose from two different colors and get a keyboard with either Halo True or Clear switches. ALT also comes with a full set of numerals, a cool downlighting side LED, and a magnetic angle adjustment system.

The ALT mechanical keyboard is built by a company with a long history in the industry, and comes with a reasonable price tag. There are two versions of the ALT keyboard, and prices vary depending on the style you prefer. You can also opt for a model that's TKL or 1800-layout.

The Massdrop ALT also has a full set of arrow keys, and a full set of numbers. It also has two USB-C ports. It has a tall, well-damped housing, as well as a 1,900mAh battery that charges in the USB port.

The ALT mechanical keyboard has a magnetic angle adjustment system, which can help you get the right tilt for your keyboard. It also has side LEDs that double as a capslock indicator. Its keycaps are two-toned doubleshot shinethrough PBT. They're great looking and feel tactile.

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