The Legend Of The Big Foot

- Where wishes come true

When Prayers go up, Blessings come down

Once upon a time there lived a wealthy man called Mahadar who was very kind and generous. He often helped the poor and the needy. The greedy ones told him lies so that they would get food, clothes and money from him. They were too lazy to work.

A man called Puram thought of robbing Mahadar. He pretended to have some misfortune and said that he needed money more than what was possible for Mahadar to give him, but kind hearted Mahadar could not refuse him.

He kept on giving him all his wealth whenever he was asked until one day there was nothing left for Mahadar to give. He then had to sell his house for the needs of others.

Without a home, Mahadar and his wife were on the streets. Living on the streets caused Mahadar's wife to fall sick.when he asked for help, the ones he had helped earlier refused. In this misery Mahadar's wife died.

Mahadar did not lose faith, but moved from place to place helping people in whatever little way he could.

One day, Goa approached him in a dream and asked him if he wanted his wealth restored. Mahadar asked instead that God bless those who had hurt him. Pleased with the reply, God asked Mahadar what boon he wanted. Mahadar then asked for a small place to stand and pray for mankind.

Wanting to test Mahadar further, God showed him a hot rock, where he stood upon one leg for many years.

Finally pleased with his devotion, God granted Mahadar his wishes, leaving his footprint behind and showering a blessing of flowers on him, God took him to heaven. Deciding to reward Mahadar's faith, it was promised that any man who prayed with a pure hearth at the footprint, would be blessed.