Other Attractions

Big Foot Cross Museum

The only Cross Museum in India displaying a worldwide collection of 1458 crosses classified in 92 different categories.

International Left Hander Museum

The first kind in the world and features interesting facts about lefties. The museum pays tribute to 21 renowned 'lefties' through bronze-coloured busts, such as, Mahatma Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, Mother Teresa and so on.

Casa Araujo Alvares

Goa's first automated sound and light museum. A 250 year old mansion showcasing traditional inheritance.

Prayer Beads Museum

A unique collection of 216 Rosaries and Chaplets. The beauty of these Rosaries and Chaplets is that each of them has a very unique set of prayers to go with the beads.

Big Foot Art Gallery

The Big-Foot Art Gallery has played host to artists of State and National fame. It is a center for exhibiting various works of art produced by up-and-coming artists, including those who have attended various camps for artists/photographers/artisans hosted at the Big Foot.


Amphitheatre is an open air venue used for entertainment, performances and other cultural programs. Many programs such as book releases, musical evenings, educational programs aimed at children, cocoju festival etc. are hosted.