Only in Goa


The country liquor store was the cornerstone of the village, it was here that cashew and coconut fenny was served.


The Cashew fruit is celebrated for its versatility, besides using the cashew apple in stews and desserts, locals devised ways to extract its sweet nectar and brew it to produce an alcoholic beverage. The distillery illustrates the traditional process of distilling the cashew juice.

Cashew Nut Game

The summer season in Goa is ripe with an assortment of fruit, local youngsters engaged in play inventing innovative games with the cashew nuts.

The world's most dangerous animal

Really it is! Come see for yourself...

Sao Joao

A ritualistic ode to a Biblical episode takes place in the monsoon where festively garbed revellers leap into water bodies in celebration of one of Goa's beloved Saints.

Render (The Toddy Tapper)

The toddy tapper a familiar phenomenon around the coastal belt, collects the coconut inflorescence to begin the manufacturing process of coconut fenny.