In Harmony

Anand's house

Anand's house The symbol of purity, a tulsi plant occupies a prominent position in the home of a Hindu family, the family performs a puja of the Lord of Nature, who is adorned with flowers and fruits.

Dona Maria's House

Homes designed in the colonial architectural style complete the Goan landscape, the balcao, an intricate altar and an attached kitchen are characteristic of these majestic mansions.

The Goan farmer - Joao

The simple Goan farmer, has an intimate relationship with the Earth, his humble abode is constructed of mud and laterite stone, the roof is covered with clay tiles, and the floor polished with cow dung.


This is a pounding pestle (massals) dance presented by the cerado Christians of Chandor village representing their heritage of the Kadamba dynasty.

The villagers perform this dance in colourful attire while singing songs in praise of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. The dance shows how ancient traditions successfully bridge change of religion.

Aristocratic Land Lady

The landlady taking her evening stroll.


A cement sculpture measuring 9ft x 5ft displays oneness of different religions worshipping one God. The sculpture depicts the face of Buddha crowned with Jesus Christ thorns, River Ganga in the Lord Shiva's tresses and Islam by the moon.