World Earth Day Celebrated by JCI Salcete Coastal and Big Foot

On World Earth Day, "Loving is Caring for Our Mother Earth" was organized by JCI Salcete Coastal in association with Big Foot with emphasis on Love and care for nature and our environment. Tulsi saplings were planted. JCI Salcete also launched its projects of Distribution of Cloth Bags and "No to Plastic Bags" at the hands of the Dignitaries; these bags were made by the students. More bags made by various colleges and schools will be distributed to shopkeepers, vendors in the market place.

World Environment Day

The Message "Beat Plastic Pollution" on World Environment Day display at The Bolshe / Big Foot Circle, Gogol, Margao

The making of UTT RE 2

Maendra Alvares aims to educate the viewer about the dangers humans pose to their home, the earth. The earth is a living being capable of retaliating with force. In what state are we leaving this home of ours in for future generations?

Seed Bomb Workshop at Big Foot

Children from the schools of Loutolim & Raia were invited to a session to learn to make seed bombs which are fruit or flowering seeds encapsulated within wet mud and compost, providing a protective shell around the seed when it is thrown into an area with no trees and left to grow. The seed bombs are then dried so that the layer of earth forms a hardened, solid covering, following which they are ready to be thrown into the world and left to grow. The children formed seed bombs with Tulsi, jamun and jackfruit seeds.

Honouring the woman exhibition

The Big Foot in Loutolim organised a meditative exercise with live music and painting as part of their founder's day celebrations at St. Michael's Square near Casa Araujo Alvares, a renowned colonial heritage mansion turned museum. The event was titled, 'honouring the woman', the logo designed for the event is a tilaka inside a circle symbolising infinity and the womb - the woman is the source of life, she is responsible for the propagation of humanity, the logo spreads the message about honouring the mother.

Goan Fruit Expo at Big Foot

Tropical fruit fresh from laden boughs filled with juicy sweetness is a staple during a sunny Goan summer. Hills permeated with the aroma of cashew sap, villages dotted with trees bowed under the weight of mangoes, the spiny exterior of jackfruits belying the soft sweetness within - these tall, proud, life giving trees are slowly disappearing to pave the way for concrete monstrosities. Recently guests at the Big Foot in Loutolim were served fresh home-grown fruit from trees in the premises, as a reminder to respect the environment and that nothing beats these delicious healthy and natural desserts.

16th Annual Felicitation of SSC Toppers

The Big Foot Trust, a registered public charitable trust held its 16th Annual Felicitation function of SSC toppers from schools in Loutolim and Raia at the Big Foot Tiatr Hall of Fame in Loutolim. The Chief Guests Mr. Tony and Mrs. Cecilia Vaz, both members of Village Panchayat Loutolim. The students were felicitated with cash prizes and a momento. Mrs. Maureen Alvares spoke about the Big Foot and its role in the education and preservation of Goan ethnicity, culture and environment

UTT RE 2 an art exhibition by Maendra Alvares

Inaugurated by Dr. Francisco Colaco in the presence of Mst. Sherwyn Correia in the beginning of August. The exhibition featured paintings done in an experimental style, consisting of a largely black canvass moving towards a small space of light, this was to focus on the diminishing and limited resources belonging to the home planet. The concept behind the exhibition is to urge the viewer to WAKE UP and notice the damage being caused to the environment.

Traditional Sao João Celebrated at Big Foot, Loutolim.

Ancestral Goa, the Big Foot in Lotoulim celebrated the festival of Sao João. Children from the village and guests to the premises were invited to make their own copels or flower crowns traditionally worn during the festivities, using all-natural materials, including vines, ornamental leaves and seasonal flowers. There was a spread of Goan monsoon delicacies like 'Godshem', 'Khann', 'Bhiknam' with coconut and Jackfruit, the children and visitors alike were able to taste and enjoy the specially prepared dishes cooked traditionally on firewood in the kitchen at the farmer's house exhibit at the museum. Ancestral Goa has, as part of their permanent displays has an exhibit depicting young boys celebrating the festival of Sao João, they are seen leaping into the water.