Trades Of Goa

The Carpenter (Shell Window)

Craftsmen fashioned amalgamated motifs using designs from Western and Indian art, creating new inspired forms. Borne out of this, were the characteristic oyster shell windows.


The marketplace was usually a centrally located pillared structure, where a variety of fresh produce was available.

The Potter

The life cycle of the humble clay pot, a common metaphor for life, as described in various stages of its preparation.


A sweet souk, the mellow smell of jaggery permeates the air at feasts and festivals, these stalls sell exclusively traditional home-made sweets.

Bangle Seller

Bangles reveal the stage of life in woman's existence, the bangle seller was a mainstay in the village.

Cloth shop

The Cloth merchant obtained the best materials from every source he could find, sometimes including places as far as China. The people of his village gave him the most business on special occasions and feasts